TitleCard Capital Fund Raises Millions for Leesa Mattress

This is a great success story of online luxury mattress startup Leesa. Watch Charles Payne talk about Starting Business and Startups on American Success Story and Making Money With Charles Payne.

Tyler Tysdal helped find investors to raise 9 million dollars in private equity for startup Leesa.

More about TitleCard Capital

A new private-equity fund hopes that talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel, former NBA player Kenny “The Jet” Smith, and New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist can boost the returns on its investments.

Denver-based TitleCard Capital was set up last summer by private-equity veteran Tyler Tysdal following a conversation with Smith.

The two knew each other from a previous business relationship and started discussing a new type of private-equity fund that would benefit both the investors and athletes and artists.

The strategy works like this: The fund invests in already-profitable companies in technology, consumer products and services, specialty finance, health and wellness, media and entertainment, and hospitality.

Then, celebrities perform marketing services for the consumer-facing companies. This would include things like posting videos, social-media marketing, or making appearances and endorsements. Those marketing efforts are then rewarded with equity in the companies they are helping advertise.

“[There’s a] menu to choose from to earn their stake in the firm,” Tysdal told Business Insider.

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