Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Tyler Tysdal Choose the Name Freedom Factory?

It was a collective naming process with my business partner, Robert Hirsch. We thought about the entrepreneur and what entrepreneurs are thinking, not what the buyers are thinking but what the entrepreneurs are thinking. What are they really looking for in the end? It’s freedom. So it’s freedom to, in some cases, get out of the thing you worked so hard to create. You love it but some entrepreneurs want to move into something else and continue to create.

Some entrepreneurs get “stuck” in their own business. I know there are people out there who can relate to this, they maybe didn’t mean to be operating their business for 15 years, but it’s successful or successful enough that they continued. By selling, they have freedom maybe to do another business, maybe to make investments and be passive with work. It gives entrepreneurs the money to have more freedom. That might be spending more time with grandkids, children, a spouse or maybe giving back to their community by doing charitable work. or maybe it means buying that place by the beach or that cottage in the mountains. Everyone has their own definition of what freedom is, but they all have a need for freedom when they’re exiting their business.

What is Tyler’s Favorite Business?

Freedom Factory, I get to talk to successful entrepreneurs every day. I enjoy hearing the stories of their business or their industry, learning new things, sharing stories with them, and then ultimately helping them realize that they can sell and get the biggest check of their lives.

Which Private Equity Companies Has Tyler Tysdal Co-Founded?

Tyler Tysdal has been part of several private equity companies working with millions of dollars from different types of investors.

  • Colbat Sports Capital
  • TitleCard Capital
  • Impact Opportunities Fund

Where Was Tyler Tysdal Born?

Tyler Tysdal was born in 1971 in Nebraska.

Who is Tyler Tysdal Married to?

Tyler Tysdal is married to Natalie Tysdal. Natalie is an anchorwoman for Fox KDVR Denver Colorado.

Who is Tyler Tysdal