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If you want to sell your business in Denver Colorado for the best price you’ll need to find the help of an experienced business broker.

Tyler Tysdal is a dedicated full-time professional Denver Business Broker to protect every client’s interest and to work vigilantly with every customer assisting in the purchase or sale of a business or business interest. Selecting to work with the Denver business brokers at Freedom Factory indicates you will have comfort in understanding that we work to protect the very best possible result for yourself from the start of the purchasing or selling process.

Sell Your Business With an Experienced Broker

Both selling a business and buying a business in Colorado can be a stressful psychological process. The modification of business ownership is intricate and we can create an environment conducive to productive negotiations to the benefit of both the seller and the buyer of a business. Differences can be gone over with the benefit of a third party that is outside the emotions that are typically included and business brokers at Freedom Factory, along with Tyler Tysdal have considerable experience in the process of selling a business.

We have years of experience successfully completing and closing transactions and have assisted lots of owners through our proven sales process. Privacy throughout the sales process is assured. We currently have thousands of buyer relationships. To be clear, we don’t represent buyers, however we have invested over 20 years cultivating thousands of buyer relationships throughout the country that have a strong interest in buying a business in Colorado.

Tysdal makes sure that only qualified and interested buyers of your business are taking your time.

When we set a meeting for you with a buyer, we already understand the buyer has actually seen everything about your business and learned as much as possible about you and your company. In the end, this ensures that YOU will have more time to continue running your business while we are finding you the right buyer. We take care of all the selling, helping in the preparation for sale, and structuring transactions.

We can frequently sell a business by developing a match with buyer prospects without having to “market” it in a way that might breach confidentiality. In addition to all of this, we supplement our efforts with advertising and marketing your business for sale. The name of your business will not be revealed until the prospect signs all of our NDA and privacy agreements.

Market valuations for your business are based upon real time market data, local comps, and our professional business brokerage experience. Our brokerage can also identify when is the right time to sell your company.

If you’re prepared to sell, our accredited business brokers won’t simply list your business and wait for it to sell. We use our brains to and resources to actively identify buyers for your business and get the offer done efficiently and quickly.

Selling Businesses At The Best Price

Working with Tyler Tysdal as your business broker can be incredibly productive experience and you’ll be impressed with the level of expertise, knowledge, and effort that the team devotes to the sale of your business.

Our team will help you sell your business for the most value finding buyers that want acquisitions related to your company. The market valuation for your company will be based on recently sold Colorado businesses and your current sales. We will market your company to the right buyers through our listings from our relationships.

Buy Denver Business

A broker can also offer the service to help someone buy a business in Colorado from their current listings. The broker will put together the sale and arrange payment to complete the sale. They can offer the services near Denver or anywhere they have listings in Colorado.

Find A Business to Buy Near These Colorado Cities

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Pueblo
  • Lakewood
  • Arvada
  • Fort Collins
  • Aurora
  • Thornton

Select businesses in a category with an asking price near the valuation. Our businesses will differ from FBB Group listings and we provide value to both buyers and sellers.

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